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Every engineer is going to use different modeling and analysis tools in their practice. We believe that it should be simple to collaborate across all of these tools, and that’s why we built Konstru.

Konstru was created by construction engineers for construction engineers. We created Konstru to solve very specific issues in the construction engineering world. Specifically, the lack of interoperability between popular software programs like Tekla, Revit, Grasshopper, Microsoft Excel, and others. Until Konstru, there was no tool for tracking changes, comparing, merging, or reverting back to structural models. And, we wanted to be able to share a structural model with our teams, regardless of what software was used to create that model.  

Konstru acts like a Rosetta Stone for all my modeling and analysis tools. Now they all speak the same language.

Paur U. Zur

Architects. Engineers. Contractors.

The term "BIM" has been around for nearly 15 years. We have the ability to create beautiful 3D models. But what good is the most beautiful model if you cannot share it, collaborate on it with different tools, and compare it to previous models?
software Interoperability
Revit, Tekla, SAP 2000, Grasshopper, Excel, RAM, ETABS, Rhino...they weren't made to work together, but now they do 
Change Tracking & reporting
Who made the last change to the model? When? What did they change? See every change to every element in bold beautiful color.
Model Comparison
You created your model in Revit. The concrete analysis came from ETABS. The steel from Tekla. All for the same model. Compare, merge, revert.

Meet the Konstru Team

Structural engineers created Konstru to solve problems they experienced in structural engineering. 
Jonatan Schumacher
Founding Enginee
Maximilian Thumfart
Founding Engineer
K.P. Reddy
Kevin Sandlin
Jackie Morck
Product Evangelist
Josh Sutherland

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