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Konstru just got way faster!

We had some recent speed and connectivity issues for our friends down under in AUS. In the latest release, we made drastic improvements to speed and now Konstru is faster than ever before. If you’ve experienced any of these issues in the past – they are gone now! Continue enjoying Konstru and contact support with […]
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New in Konstru: 1.7.5 Release Notes

  New in Konstru 1.7.5 Plugins: Revit Loads Konstru now supports Revit Loads. So you can send your Revit loads to ETABS, SAP or RAM. And back. Learn more here. Revit Slab shape points We are now up- and downloading slab shape point configurations of floors. So you can up and download sloped floors using Konstru. Learn […]
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How Konstru Saves Time

Imagine you are working on a project in the UAE and you have to deliver an ETABS model for regulators. Or you want to build an analysis model in SAP from an existing Tekla model. What would be your take on this? Exporting DXF lines and rebuilding the model? Sending solid SAT geometries across and […]
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How to tell the difference between two models?

Webinar: Advanced Data Exchange Between Two Models in Konstru Do you ever find yourself wanting to know the differences between two separately created models? Or, do you perhaps want to update a model with select element properties from another model? In this week’s webinar, we will show you how to exchange select element attributes between […]
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Konstru Plugin: Features Release 1.7.4

Thanks for all of your feedback and feature requests! There have been multiple requests and we’ve fixed a lot of issues you’ve been reporting. New in Konstru: Revit: We are now up- and downloading slab shape point configurations of floors. So you can up and download sloped floors using Konstru. UI: Konstru is now showing […]
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Matt Wash used Konstru at Arup

Guest Post: Matthew Wash, Konstru User (formerly) at Arup

Matthew Wash is a structural engineer in Australia. Matthew spent the last 10 years at Arup working on solutions for interoperability among modeling and analysis tools. We caught up with Matthew when we learned that he had recently left Arup and is about to become a Design Technology Coordinator at BVN Architecture in Brisbane. During […]
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Webinar Q&A and Announcing Our Next Webinar August 24

Yesterday, we did a simple demonstration of Konstru with Excel and Revit for the LIVE webinar called, “Rebuilding your BIM models over and over? You can stop now.” Thanks to everyone who attended and thank you for asking all the tough questions! The full recording of the Webinar is below, followed by the text of […]
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