Webinar Video: Intro to Konstru

We are excited about all the new users that have signed up over the last few weeks and wanted to host a special webinar on December 14 at 12pm EST. The purpose of this webinar is to give a broad overview of what Konstru can do for you. We will start with basic tasks and also cover some advanced features:

Basic Features:

  • How to upload your first model
  • How to share it with a collaborator
  • Using Konstru’s repair functionality to prepare a Revit model for structural analysis
  • Downloading the model and tracking changes viewing your model in the web browser
  • Creating a change report.

Advanced Features:

  • Comparing two models that were created in separate applications
  • Updating a Revit model with analysis results stemming from Etabs
  • Updating only select element attributes, such as profile and material properties in a model, without changing the geometry of those elements.


Webinar Presenters:

Max Thumfart




Jonatan Schumacher



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