Webinar Video: Intro to Konstru

Posted on 6 December 2017 by Thornton Tomasetti

We are excited about all the new users that have signed up over the last few weeks and wanted to host a special webinar on December 14 at 12pm EST. The purpose of this webinar is to give a broad overview of what Konstru can do for you. We will start with basic tasks and also cover some advanced features:

Basic Features:

  • How to upload your first model
  • How to share it with a collaborator
  • Using Konstru’s repair functionality to prepare a Revit model for structural analysis
  • Downloading the model and tracking changes viewing your model in the web browser
  • Creating a change report.

Advanced Features:

  • Comparing two models that were created in separate applications
  • Updating a Revit model with analysis results stemming from Etabs
  • Updating only select element attributes, such as profile and material properties in a model, without changing the geometry of those elements.


Webinar Presenters:

Max Thumfart




Jonatan Schumacher




About the Author

Thornton Tomasetti

KONSTRU’s user - friendly data environment makes 3D BIM collaboration a breeze. Our web-based platform translates data between building design and analysis applications so models can be synchronized without needing to be reworked. Designers no longer have to waste valuable hours reentering models into their preferred software, so KONSTRU can save time and money – and eliminate the risk of entry errors.

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