Konstru Per User Pricing Questions & Answers

On Thursday, April 27, we ran a webinar in which we introduced pricing for Konstru that goes into effect today, May 1, 2017. We also answered several deep technical questions, and we will cover those in depth in a future blog post. The entire webinar audio / video is below (or here at Youtube) for your viewing pleasure. The answers to all the pricing-related questions are below. Thank you to everyone who attended the webinar, and to all our beta users who helped us produce a great #BIM collaboration and data exchange tool.

Konstru Pricing Plan

As a quick review, Konstru pricing can be found here. The price is $95 per user per month. The first two users of any organization are free (or if you have a 2-person organization, it’s just free!) and any collaborator to whom  you assign “View Only” access is also free. If your organization has 10 or more users, we’d enjoy a conversation about custom pricing for your team.

Pricing Questions & Answers

Below are the questions and answers directly related to the new Konstru per user pricing.

Q: Are the paid licenses sharable?
A: Well, we can’t stop you from giving your login to your BIM models to someone else to use; however, doing so would prevent you from knowing who changed what. One of the main issues we’ve built Konstru to solve is that of maintaining a log of changes to any particular BIM model.

Q: Are there any limitations to the first two users?
A: No. The first 2 users are free, but their capabilities are the same as those for all paid users.

Q: Can organizations assign licenses to individuals?
A: Yes, organization administrators assign roles to individuals that they invite to collaborate. You can assign “Admin”, “Edit”, or “View Only” roles to the collaborators you invite.

Q: So if you have 3 licenses, you could then decide who has that license ?
A: yes, as the organization administrator, you can choose who gets what sorts of permissions, and to which models.

Q: Can data between different organizations be shared?
A: No, you cannot share data between organizations. But you are able to invite collaborators from other organizations into your organization to grant access to one or more models within that organization.

Q: So the one organization pays for Konstru and then resolves the cost per collaborator amongst themselves and the other users?
A: Yes, that is correct. The user who creates an organization, and invites other collaborators, is the default Billing Contact. The administrator of an organization can assign a different billing contact.

Konstru Pricing

Thank you again for attending the webinar and using Konstru. We want Konstru to take your BIM modeling game to the next level of collaboration.

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