Konstru Pricing: Free Tier, Team Tier, and Enterprise

Today, we are announcing pricing for users of Konstru. Our goal since launch has been to make life just a little bit easier for structural engineers today, and soon architects and contractors as well. Our pricing structure reflects that goal. Konstru pricing is, and will always be, simple. Simple to understand, simple to get started, simple to upgrade or downgrade the number of users. Projects and project teams fluctuate, and we think the price you pay for tools that help your projects should reflect that reality.

Konstru Pricing

Konstru Pricing Tiers

  • Free to View – Sharing your BIM model should be easy and free, so that’s what we’ve done. Now you can share your BIM model with the architect, the client, the contractors, your mom, your kids…ok, we got carried away. Adding a “View Only” collaborator to your team is and will always be free.
  • Free First Two – Konstru is new. Because we’re new, we want it to be really easy for users to try out Konstru, get to know us a bit, and see how things fit. Any organization’s first two users are free. Are you a small (e.g., “2 people”) engineering firm? Good to be you: Konstru is free for your two engineers.
  • Three and Up – Konstru is organized by teams or “organizations”. Any organization of two users is free. When you add engineer number 3, the regular per user per month pricing kicks in for that 3rd user, and all successive users after three. So your team of 3 is just $95 per month.
  • Ten or More – In our customer discovery and beta research, we determined that, while there are some really big project teams out there, the average project team is fewer than 10 people. For those of you who are working on really big stuff, good for you! We want to help, so teams of 10 or more can call and work out custom pricing to fit your project budget.


All plans include unlimited uploads, unlimited BIM models, unlimited storage, and email support.

Konstru pricing goes into effect on Monday, May 1, 2017. For those awesome early adopters who took a chance on the new kid on the block: THANK YOU! We’re rewarding our beta users with a $20 per month discount for the rest of 2017.

Still have questions? That’s great! We’re happy to help answer them. In the meantime, Konstru is free to start with your small team, and flexible for you as your team and projects grow. Get started using Konstru today.


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