Merge & Compare

Compare models and visualize differences.

Konstru allows you to compare two models and highlights the differences geometrically or by ID. Simply upload your models and let Konstru do the rest. You can also choose to filter your comparisons by properties or define your own comparison rules.
Compare by Geometry or ID
Highlight Model Differences
Filter Differences by Properties
Customize Comparison Rules

Merge information between models.

Once you've compared your models, Konstru gives you the ability to merge selected information from one model to another. 
Merge Model Differences
Merge Only Selected Element Types
Update Only Existing Elements
Customized Merging
"Konstru is time-saving in a BIM workflow. It helps us to transfer data between programs on complex structural design. The plugins and platform deliver efficient and intuitive tools to break the wall between parametric modeling, calculations and BIM."
– Bollinger Grohmann

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