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Konstru: 3D BIM interoperability for structural engineers

Today, we introduce Konstru, a web-based version control and interoperability software for 3D BIM models for structural engineers. Click here to join the limited user program. We created Konstru because, as engineers, we didn’t want to keep building models in different software packages over and over again and continue to get lost in different file versions. Below is […]

The End of Manual BIM Data Transfer is Here

Almost all medium and large structural engineering firms use BIM tools in their practice. Engineers use a variety of analysis programs to calculate beam sizes, column sizes, slab thicknesses, forces, and connections. Someone must enter that data into the drawing production software. Moving data from analysis models to production models is time consuming, error prone, […]

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Mapping with Konstru Update

We are excited to announce a new mapping feature in Konstru! When downloading Konstru models you have the ability to map materials, wall and floor sections or steel section profiles to your document. You can use this tool to simply map a property to something else or to apply corporate standards by loading previously saved […]

Konstru WebApp Release v 3.0.0

Happy Friday everyone! We wanted to share some of the latest release notes for the Konstru WebApp. You can look at the latest release notes here. ADDITIONS: Adds Model Repair UI Adds full support for Microsoft Edge Browser Improves Merge UI Improves Filter UI Introduces ‘Ignore’ Group/ Selection Set that lets you group elements that […]

Konstru Plugin Release Notes v 2.0.0

Hey everyone! We wanted to share some of the latest release notes for the Konstru Plugin. You read more on the release notes here. ADDED: CSI: Interoperability for Object Modifiers added All Clients: Rotation Translation Improved (now CSI based) Revit: Uploading Analytical Floor Outline Revit: Improved Slab Shape Points Interop GH: Splitting Curves automatically GH: Option to […]

Fix your Models with Konstru!

We are pleased to announce our biggest feature release yet! Now, Konstru let’s you automatically clean up an unconnected BIM model in order to use it for structural analysis. Think Microsoft Word Auto-Correct for structural BIM models! Ever had a Revit model you wanted to analyze, but the members were not fully connected? At this […]

Konstru Join Update

Thank you all for visiting our exciting webinar on how to join elements and even more for your feedback. And some of it is now ready to use and being deployed today! You asked for walls being joined across levels so we just implemented it. Please note this approach no longer uses Pier labels (!) […]

Konstru merges meshed etabs elements.

Konstru merges meshed etabs elements Ever faced translating a meshed etabs model into Revit? How many hours did you spend joining wall segments into one wall, or floor segments into one large floor slab like this? Let Konstru give you a hand and save all those wasted hours. Konstru now merges etabs walls and floors […]

Konstru just got way faster!

We had some recent speed and connectivity issues for our friends down under in AUS. In the latest release, we made drastic improvements to speed and now Konstru is faster than ever before. If you’ve experienced any of these issues in the past – they are gone now! Continue enjoying Konstru and contact support with […]

New in Konstru: 1.7.5 Release Notes

  New in Konstru 1.7.5 Plugins: Revit Loads Konstru now supports Revit Loads. So you can send your Revit loads to ETABS, SAP or RAM. And back. Learn more here. Revit Slab shape points We are now up- and downloading slab shape point configurations of floors. So you can up and download sloped floors using Konstru. Learn […]