Konstru Webinar: Rebuilding your BIM models over and over? You can stop now.

Please join us for a short, informative webinar on Thursday, August 10th, at 12 noon Eastern Time. Register for the webinar by clicking here. One of our founding Engineers, Maximilan Thumfart, will be giving a complete walkthrough demonstration of the basic capabilities of Konstru. Below is the agenda for the webinar demonstration.

  • What is Konstru?
  • How does Konstru work?
  • How will Konstru help me?
  • Konstru Integrations / Plugins
  • Best practices for BIM data exchange
  • Open Q&A

We hope you will join us on this webinar. We will be conducting webinars every two weeks throughout the rest of the year. If you have a specific topic you would like us to cover along the way, we’d love to hear from you.


Click here to attend the August 10th Konstru Webinar.


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