Webinar: Konstru Pricing, Filters, and Our New Look Thursday April 27th

Thank you very much to the hundreds of users who have used Konstru since our launch in mid-January. Please join the Konstru team for a 1 hour webinar on Thursday, April 27, 2017, at 12 noon Eastern time. Register here to attend.

Demonstration: Filters

Using Konstru Filters to move data between platformsWe will open by conducting a demonstration of how to use filters in Konstru. Filters are a powerful feature to give you a high level of control over the kind of information that you can exchange between 3D modeling programs.  Konstru’s interoperability functionality can help you access a 3D BIM model that was developed in one program (e.g., Revit), and open it in another program (e.g., Tekla).  What we’ve discovered since launching Konstru is that users want to use more than one application to define the properties of a BIM element. Here’s an example.

An engineer develops a geometrically accurate model in Tekla, and then uses the same model to create a structural analysis model. Running the analysis helps refine the material and section attributes, and perhaps assign additional properties, such as stud count, to the BIM elements. Sometimes, however, it is necessary for the model geometry to change in order to run an accurate analysis. At this point, we have two models that both contain a partial truth.

To be able to update the geometrically correct model with these calculated properties, we offer filters for Konstru. Filters let you set up custom rules for the kind of information that you want to import and export from your various models. Using Konstru filters, you could choose to export only material and section properties of BIM elements stemming from analysis programs. Or, you could use filters to exclude entire element types. So, you could chose not to ever import openings and beams into ETABS, for example.

The new Konstru UIOur New Look

Our engineers will show this demonstration using our new user interface. Over the past three months, we’ve listened to hundreds of Konstru users tell us how they use the software, what they like, what they don’t like, and what they want to see. We listened. We will walk through the changes to the user interface that make it easier to use Konstru.

Konstru Pricing

We are listening to our users as they tell us how various software packages in the BIM industry are priced. Based on your input, we will introduce the Konstru pricing model, which is simple and flexible.

Questions & Answers

After all that, we will again open up the webinar for open Q&A. Last time we did a webinar, we answered 29 great questions during and after the webinar. Got questions about Konstru? We are happy to answer them!

Register Today

Click here to register for the free webinar. We’ll send you a confirmation email and a reminder the morning of the webinar.

Thank you again to all our loyal Konstru users! We are excited begin the next leg of this marathon of delivering great software to help all BIM modelers do their jobs more easily.

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