Webinar Q&A and Announcing Our Next Webinar August 24

Yesterday, we did a simple demonstration of Konstru with Excel and Revit for the LIVE webinar called, “Rebuilding your BIM models over and over? You can stop now.” Thanks to everyone who attended and thank you for asking all the tough questions! The full recording of the Webinar is below, followed by the text of the Q&A from after the demo.

Next Webinar August 24th

Our next webinar is Thursday, August 24th at 12 noon EDT. This webinar will be “Managing design changes and collaboration with Konstru.” Our engineers will guide you through the best practices for collaborating on your BIM design and analysis projects. Click here to register!

Webinar: Rebuilding your BIM models over and over? STOP.

Q&A from the August 10th Webinar

Following are the questions and answers from the webinar. Thank you again to everyone who participated and asked such great questions!

Q: Is there a filter for what is being compared when you compare two models?

A: Yes! You can set comparison settings when comparing two version in our web interface. Simply click the little cog to filter comparison on Attributes, Material, Name, Geometry or Profile Sections. Lean more here: https://konstru.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115010483027-Comparison

Q: When changing the member sizes or locations of elements, will the ID in Revit change? The reason for the question is this: say a dimension string is being used; dimensions only go to the hosted elements and will be deleted if the ID changes.

A: Konstru keeps track of all IDs. So, if you update the geometry of an element, Konstru won’t replace elements in the platform you are downloading to. Konstru will look for the element ID and update the element’s geometry. So the element ID remains the same.

Q: Do you need to Load families in Revit before you can update the Revit model, or does Konstru load automatically?

A: You don’t have to load them in advance, but we recommend doing so in order to make sure that you are mapping to the right families. However, Konstru has a 3-step procedure to identify the right sections, learn more about that process here: https://konstru.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115010652448-Profile-Section-Mapping

Q: Can you set up a template for section mapping to company mapping so you don’t have to do it each time for each project?

A: Yes! Konstru allows you to save your mapping settings. The selected mappings are applied automatically the next time you download a Konstru model. Learn more about this feature here: https://konstru.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115010807468-Save-Mappings

Q: How many projects can you have on one account?

A: Konstru allows all users to have unlimited projects, storage, models, and collaborators!

Q: Can different models be merged in the same SAP model?

A: If you have two models online you can merge both online into one Konstru model and download the resulting new model into SAP. Learn more about merging models in Konstru here: https://konstru.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115010448827-Merge-Models

Q: Would it confuse Revit once the merged model then is pushed back to Revit ?

A: A merged model would not confuse Revit. If you download a model into a Revit file that contains part of your Konstru model, existing elements will simply be updated, while new elements will be added to the model. We recommend you to merge your models in Konstru online, this way it won’t confuse any of the target platforms. 

Q: The comparison function and showing different changes works well for me to see what I have changed or what my team has changed, but how can I create a report for say a project manager or even a client to show what changed or our progress on a model?

A: You can save any comparison view as a change report. You can invite people to only view specific reports or send them a static link to it. Learn more about how to create reports here: https://konstru.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115010616448-Change-Reports

Q: Regarding the pricing, does a “user” work like a network license that can be transferred between computers, or is it $95/mo per computer?

A: Konstru pricing is “per user per month”. Each user is a unique email address within your firm. Much like other software-as-a-service (SaaS) products, you pay for as many (or as few) users as you need. And, your first two Konstru users are always free.

Next Webinar August 24th

What other questions can we answer? You can comment right here on the blog, Contact Us, or send an email to support@konstru.com.

Thank you again to everyone who attended and participated in this webinar. Please join us for our next webinar on Thursday, August 24, at 12 noon Eastern U.S. time.


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