Webinar Video: How to Sync Data from Various BIM and Structural Analysis Models

In this webinar, Max Thumfart and Jonatan Schumacher showcase brand new functionality in Konstru to show you how to update one model with changes made in another one. Moreover, they explain how to precisely control these updates.

  • Do you only want to send column from model A to Model B, but not beams, slabs or any other element types?
  • Do you only want to translate newly created elements, without making changes to already existing elements? Or vice versa?
  • Do you want to update elements in your production model with materials and profiles from the analysis model only, without making changes to the element’s geometry, and other unwanted attributes?

If you’d like to set up a demo to learn more about how you could be automating your BIM workflows you can schedule a time to speak with us here.