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Webinar: Using Advanced Filters in Konstru

Using Advanced Filters in Konstru Many users have been asking, how do you sync only specific properties from one model into another? Konstru solves this problem with Filters. In our next 30 minute webinar, we will focus on advanced interoperability techniques with Konstru. Unlike other common interoperability formats, Konstru allows you to specify what kind […]

Webinar Q&A: Getting Started with Konstru

Thanks to all of those who attended the webinar last week! We had over 110 registered attendees for our “Getting Started with Konstru Webinar” with tons of great feedback, questions, and conversation. We had so many questions that we wanted to share each one with their respective answers. If you missed the “Getting Started with […]

Konstru Webapp Release Notes v3.1.5

Konstru’s Latest Webapp Release – Feb 2, 2018 We are pleased to announce the new additions and fixes to the Konstru Webapp Release v3.1.5. If you have any questions, comments, or support requests you can send them here. Additions: Adds user preference settings to your user profile. We now store your preferences for units, colors […]

Webinar: Getting Started with Konstru

Stop creating the same models and start using Konstru! Register Now – Friday – Feb 9th – 12pm EST Konstru is being leveraged by some of the top engineering, fabrication and architecture firms as a “time saving tool for BIM workflows” helping them transfer data between programs on complex structural designs. In this webinar, we’ll focus […]

Webinar: How to Translate ETABS Analysis Results into Revit using Konstru.

Bringing analysis results from ETABS into Revit in a matter of seconds… Visualizing ETABS or SAP analysis results in Revit is a very complex and time consuming process. However, this process makes communication between engineers and contractors so much easier. With Konstru, bringing Forces into Revit is now a matter of seconds and doesn’t require complex […]

Thornton Tomasetti Guest Blog: Using Konstru with RAM

In this Guest Blog Post, Lead Computational Designer at Thornton Tomasetti (CORE Studio), Nicholas Mundell, details how to leverage Konstru with RAM.  Planar Floors + Planar Beams RAM requires any floor framing objects to be ‘hosted’ at a single Level, and for each Beam to be coincident with the Floor object that it ‘supports’. This […]

Webinar Video: Intro to Konstru

We are excited about all the new users that have signed up over the last few weeks and wanted to host a special webinar on December 14 at 12pm EST. The purpose of this webinar is to give a broad overview of what Konstru can do for you. We will start with basic tasks and […]

Your Konstru models just got a whole lot prettier!

On Friday, December 1st, we rolled out version 3.1.2 of the Konstru Web App. As always, this bi-weekly release is jam-packed with new features and improvements, based on the feedback of our users. Here are the highlights of last week’s release: We added a way to visualize Konstru models based on custom element attributes. With this […]

Webinar Video: How to Sync Data from Various BIM and Structural Analysis Models

In this webinar, Max Thumfart and Jonatan Schumacher showcase brand new functionality in Konstru to show you how to update one model with changes made in another one. Moreover, they explain how to precisely control these updates. Do you only want to send column from model A to Model B, but not beams, slabs or any […]

Webinar: Synchronize Data from Various BIM and Analysis Models

It is very common for project teams to work in multiple models, stemming from multiple platforms, at the same time. It is just as common for these various models to be out of sync. There is no straightforward way to update one model with changes made in another. In the next webinar, we will showcase […]

Mapping Walls, Floors and Steel with Konstru

We are excited to announce a new mapping feature in Konstru! When downloading Konstru models you have the ability to map materials, wall and floor sections or steel section profiles to your document. You can use this tool to simply map a property to something else or to apply corporate standards by loading previously saved […]
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