Change Management

Simplifying Change Management

Konstru keeps track of every design change and gives you the ability to revert the model to a specific point in history. Konstru’s lightweight storage and backup solution helps engineers, architects, and BIM managers keep track of multiple model versions without the need for multiple file versions.
Complete Backup of Model History
Easily Locate Previous Model Versions
Securely Stored and Accessed via the Cloud

Create and Share Change Reports

One of Konstru's most powerful features is our change report. Changes reports are a static comparison view between two model versions. This means you can create a 3D change report from your first upload to your current model state and share it with your team members. 
Create Detailed 3D Change Reports
Easily Share Change Reports with Team Members
Keep Track of Changes and Not File Names
"Konstru is time-saving in a BIM workflow. It helps us to transfer data between programs on complex structural design. The plugins and platform deliver efficient and intuitive tools to break the wall between parametric modeling, calculations and BIM."
– Bollinger Grohmann

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