Connecting BIM Tools & Project Teams

Konstru is a central interoperability platform that automates the exchange of BIM data between your favorite analysis & modeling software tools while tracking ALL your team's revisions.


Konstru supports your favorite design & analysis tools and allows them to talk to one another. After a quick plugin download, upload your current project’s model to our secure cloud, exchange the important BIM data across multiple platforms, make necessary revisions, and visually understand everything that changed.


Why Do I Need Konstru?

  • Do your architects, engineers, and contractors use Revit, Tekla, RAM, SAP2000, Grasshopper, Excel, ETABS? Konstru makes ALL of these tools work together.
  • Do you save your analysis data and BIM model to your desktop with a date and timestamp as your “version control”? Konstru is now your version control tool.
  • Not long ago, you had to print out your analysis inputs and geometry, and pay someone to manually input those numbers into your BIM Modeling software. Those days are gone.

Architects, structural engineers, and building contractors can now collaborate, regardless of what software tools they use.


User Permission Management

Control visibility and model access for multiple user roles.


Model Analytics

Gain deep insights into the project history.


Model Version Control

Track changes, merge and clone models, and revert to previous versions as needed.


Model Comparison

Precise, in-place model comparison to seamlessly view added, removed and modified elements.

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