An Automation Platform for BIM & Structural Analysis Models

Stop creating the same models and start using Konstru.

"Konstru is time-saving in a BIM workflow. It helps us to transfer data between programs on complex structural design. The plugins and platform deliver efficient and intuitive tools to break the wall between parametric modeling, calculations and BIM."

One platform connecting all your BIM tools.

Video: Intro to Konstru
Learn the basics of getting started with Konstru. Learn how to download plugins, upload models, and transfer data between your favorite applications.  

All of your tools using one Model.

Konstru is used by engineers, architects, and contractors to translate, track, collaborate and update BIM data across popular modeling and analysis software tools.
BIM Translation
Konstru translates elements natively into BIM software just as you would have modeled elements yourself. 
Secure model Storage
Easily store your BIM model on our secure cloud-based platform and invite team members to collaborate.
3d Viewer
View and query your model with our powerful online model viewer. Query models by materials or section sizes.
time machine
Compare and view changes between models at different points in history. Know who made what changes and when.
saving time
Stop wasting hours translating models manually. Keep your Tekla model up to date with the latest Revit changes. 
easy to learn
Easy to learn without deep technical knowledge. Focus on engineering and design and let Konstru manage the rest.

Finally an interoperability solution you can trust.

Konstru seamlessly integrates with your team's current workflow to simplify model management no matter what software you prefer.