A powerful combination of data exchange and model management

About the Features

Konstru seamlessly integrates with your team’s current workflow to simplify model management no matter what software you prefer.


With most interoperability solutions, it is difficult to control the exact data that is exchanged between models. Konstru makes it easy to connect and exchange data from a variety of software programs and gives you full control over which elements and properties were successfully imported. View, edit, clean, synchronize and share model data between BIM tools and analysis software such as Revit, Excel, ETABS, Grasshopper, SAP2000, Tekla, RAM, and Dynamo.

  • Stop Manually Translating Models
  • Quickly Connect and Transfer BIM Data
  • Save Time Automating BIM Workflows
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Konstru is a powerful tool to advance your own workflows, but it really shines when you start collaborating with your team. Konstru supports a number of collaboration workflows allowing you to share models and control permission settings. Share your BIM models with colleagues, clients, and contractors. Additionally, our permission settings let you control who can access what parts of the model and more.

  • Invite Individual Collaborators
  • Synchronize information authored by two parties.
  • Create and share 3D change reports.
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Merge + Compare

Konstru allows you to compare two models and highlights the differences geometrically or by ID. Simply upload your models and let Konstru do the rest. You can also choose to filter your comparisons by properties or define your own comparison rules. Konstru lets you compare two models, and it will highlight the differences. You can transfer information between the models using our merge feature.

  • Compare by Geometry or ID
  • Highlight Model Differences
  • Filter Differences by Properties
  • Customize Comparison Rules
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The real power of 3D models created in BIM and analysis modeling platforms lie in the underlying data they contain. Our visualization engine allows you to get a quick, high level view into the data contained in your model. With Konstru, you can visualize your BIM data in a number of ways:

  • View entire model history
  • Filter by element properties and types
  • Compare and visualize model differences
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Connectivity Repair

Ever had a Revit model you wanted to analyze, but members were not connected well enough? Remember spending hours fixing this manually by snapping members to the closest grid to grid intersections? Konstru is now able to repair connections between beams, braces, and columns automatically.

  • Repairs an unconnected model for analysis
  • Automatically highlights nodes by connections
  • 3 different repair modes
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Change Management

Konstru keeps track of every design change and gives you the ability to revert the model to a specific point in history. Konstru’s lightweight storage and backup solution helps engineers, architects, and BIM managers keep track of multiple model versions without the need for multiple file versions.

  • Complete backup of model history
  • Easily locate previous model versions
  • Securely stored and accessed via the cloud
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What Our Client Says About Us

“I use Konstru to generate an automated report that highlights changes to the BIM models in 3D, which I can then share with the entire design team for free. This task, which once seemed daunting, can now be done in 2 minutes.

Ellen Vieno

Ellen Vieno

“With Konstru we can easily upload analysis results from RAM into our Konstru model and download them as Revit parameters attached to each member. Now it’s two clicks to get the latest results and our sheets are updated instantly.

Tim Richards

Tim Richards

Konstru lets us compare the geometry and BIM attributes of two models, and highlights the changes in color in 3D. And, even better, I can use Konstru to update my model in Tekla with changes from Revit, and vice versa.”

Lindsay Jip

Lindsay Jip

“We are using Konstru to collaborate with the fabricator seamlessly, by providing them with a native Tekla model. Because with Konstru we can upload our model directly from SAP2000 and they can download it into Tekla. Design changes can be visualized online easily and downloaded selectively into any supported platform. This cuts the time it takes to communicate changes from days into minutes.”

Jamie Alan

Jamie Alan