Using Konstru with Grasshopper like a Pro: March 27th Webinar

Webinar: Using Konstru with Grasshopper like a Pro

Tuesday, March 27th at 12pm EST

When it comes to using Grasshopper to create complex geometry patterns, you’ve been around the block or two. Now let’s show you how to add Konstru to your workflow to help you save time and streamline your workflows. Join us Tuesday, March 27 at 12pm EST for our webinar “Using Grasshopper with Konstru.” During this webinar, we will showcase the Konstru Grasshopper components, and demonstrate a number of useful workflows.

Over the course of 30 minutes, we’ll demo how to use Konstru with Grasshopper including:

  • Reading BIM models into Grasshopper
  • Creating complete analysis models in Grasshopper, including loads and restraints, and running them in SAP2000.
  • Sending non-BIM specific geometric elements, such as building massing, from Grasshopper to Dynamo.

You can get a head start by watching our tutorials on using Grasshopper with Konstru – Watch Videos

Get started with a 14 Day Free Trial!

Konstru provides a variety of workflows to help accelerate your BIM tools. If you’re looking to save time and increase productivity in your BIM workflows, sign up to get a free 14 day trial of Konstru. Simply upload your model and let Konstru translate it into anyone of our supported platforms.

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