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Matt Wash used Konstru at Arup

Guest Post: Matthew Wash, Konstru User (formerly) at Arup

Matthew Wash is a structural engineer in Australia. Matthew spent the last 10 years at Arup working on solutions for interoperability among modeling and analysis tools. We caught up with Matthew when we learned that he had recently left Arup and is about to become a Design Technology Coordinator at BVN Architecture in Brisbane. During […]
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Native Geometry: Part 1 of What makes Konstru different

We built Konstru to solve for several issues within the construction engineering space: all popular BIM analysis and modeling software packages should be interoperable we needed a method of storing and cataloging model updates from various software packages engineers need to compare different models, and be able to revert back to a previous model if necessary […]
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Romancing the Rosetta Stone of the BIM Industry

The original Rosetta Stone was discovered more than 200 years ago. Containing the same message in three different languages including Egyptian Hieroglyphic, Demotic, and Greek, the Rosetta Stone unlocked the language of the ancient Egyptians to the rest of the world. Why does that matter? Understanding the language of one of the most powerful and […]
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