Konstru merges meshed etabs elements.

Posted on 26 September 2017 by Israel Machovec

Konstru merges meshed etabs elements

Ever faced translating a meshed etabs model into Revit? How many hours did you spend joining wall segments into one wall, or floor segments into one large floor slab like this?

Let Konstru give you a hand and save all those wasted hours. Konstru now merges etabs walls and floors into overall geometries. Konstru auto-join merges walls by pier label and floors by groups – so you’ve got full control over which elements are being joined. Our new merging feature works two ways, so when downloading a merged element it will map to segmented elements and apply changed properties to all of them.

Try it out now, save time and avoid headaches. Learn more about this new feature here

“This is Fantastic” – Sameer Shah (Buro Happold)



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