Finally, an interoperability solution you can trust.

Faster Updates, Easier Collaboration, & Reliable Change Management for BIM.

Built by the industry for the industry.
Konstru was created by engineers, for engineers, architects and contractors to solve the lack of interoperability between popular software programs like Tekla, Revit, Grasshopper, Excel, and others.
One platform connecting your BIM tools.
Konstru is a cloud-based automation platform that lets you view, edit, clean, synchronize and share model data stemming from a variety of BIM and Structural Analysis programs.
Quickly  upload, translate, and share.
Download and install the plugin, upload a model, and quickly exchange BIM data into any of our supported applications.

How Konstru Works?

We help architects, engineers, and contractors greatly reduce the effort it takes to create design changes and to avoid duplicating the same models.
Watch a short video on how Konstru works.


Konstru provides a growing number of features and workflows to help you save time and accelerate productivity.
View, edit, clean, synchronize and share model data between BIM tools and analysis software such as Revit, Excel, ETABS, Grasshopper, SAP2000, Tekla, RAM, and Dynamo
Share your BIM models with colleagues, clients, and contractors. Additionally, our permission settings let you control who can access what parts of the model and more.
One of the advantages of BIM is the ability to view any model in 3D. Konstru lets you view, query, and filter your BIM model online with our powerful 3D model viewer.
Merge & Compare
Konstru lets you compare two models, and it will highlight the differences. You can transfer information between the models using our merge feature.
Connectivity Repair
Turn an unconnected model into a connected model. Konstru automatically cleans up unconnected BIM models and repairs them for structural analysis use.
Change Management
Tracking model changes just got easier. Konstru keeps track of your model history allowing you create reports on updates, changes, user activity and more.

Supported Platforms

Konstru connects the variety of modeling platforms Architects and Structural Engineers use to iterate the building design process.

Latest Updates

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Webinar: Getting Started with Konstru

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Stop creating the same models and start using Konstru.

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