Konstru Beta v1.1 release

Posted on 6 February 2017 by Thornton Tomasetti

Konstru_Software_Update_ReleaseToday we have released version 1.1 beta of our web app and desktop plugin software. This release is our first new release since opening the free Konstru beta program on January 16th. Thank you to all our new users for your questions, feedback, suggestions, and bug reporting. We will continue to post all our product updates here on our blog, so please subscribe to our regular email list (using the subscribe form to the right) or subscribe via RSS to stay up to date.

Webapp V1.1

  • ADDED Rendering Arcs and Splines for Structural Members – This new functionality was at the top of our list for the product roadmap simply because of our overriding mission to make 3D BIM interoperability and collaboration a beautiful experience. Of course, interactive 3D rendering using the amount of BIM data in any model is a complex undertaking, so we are happy to push this update out to our users.

Desktop Plugins V1.1

  • FIXED: The Revit plugin caused Revit to become unresponsive if the user entered the wrong password.
  • FIXED: We improved the workflow within the Grasshopper plugin by utilizing simpler components.
  • ADDED: Structural Foundations are now supported in both Revit and Grasshopper.
  • ADDED: Our Tekla plugin is now compatible with Tekla 2016i. 

So far, our plugins have been the most inquired about functionality of Konstru. That’s understandable, since these plugins are the means through which our users upload and download their models into Konstru. We’re working hard to determine how we prioritize our plugin updates as well as which new plugins we should add.

Thank you again to all our new beta users. We hope you are finding Konstru useful to your daily work. See something you’d like us to improve? We’d love to hear from you. Click here to report a bug (you’ll need to be logged in) or click here to send us your feedback.

Thank you Konstru beta users!



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