Do you get tired of building the same models? We did too!

Posted on 9 March 2018 by Thornton Tomasetti

Do you get tired of building the same models? We did too!

Konstru was created by engineers for engineers to solve the lack of interoperability between popular software applications such as Tekla, Revit Grasshopper, Excel, and others.

Join us Friday, March 16 at 12pm EST for our webinar on “Getting Started with Konstru.” We’ll cover some of the Konstru basics and provide a few examples of how you can leverage this “time saving tool” in your current BIM workflows.

Over the course of 30 minutes, we’ll get you started with:

  • How to upload your first model.
  • How to download a model into a different application.
  • How to view model changes.
  • How to create a change report.
  • How to filter the data exchanged between applications.

If you’re ready to start saving countless hours creating the same models, sign up for our Getting Started with Konstru Webinar!

Webinar Details

Title: Getting Started with Konstru

When: Friday, March 16

Time: 12pm EST

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