How to install the Konstru plugin for SAP2000

Posted on 7 March 2017 by Thornton Tomasetti

Konstru was created to solve several large, persistent problems in the use of BIM (Building Information Modeling) by architectural, engineering, and construction (AEC) firms. One of those problems is BIM model version control, and another is interoperability among the various engineering and modeling software packages. In this post, we explain how to bring CSI’s SAP2000 software into interoperability with other software such as Revit, Tekla, Grasshopper, RAM, and others.

The Konstru Plugins

This same process applies for all 7 Konstru plugins, which are developed to make the following software interoperable from within Konstru:

Installing the SAP2000 Plugin for Konstru

Once you have created your free beta account in Konstru, click on the “Get Plugins” menu item at the top of your browser screen.

Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 9.24.05 AM

On that page, you will then see the download links for each of the plugins that that Konstru offers. Choose SAP2000 and click the icon to download the desktop plugin software.


Once you click the icon, the common browser download dialog will begin. Download the software, and then run the .msi file on your computer. The installer will walk you through the process, and you will be offered the option of installing v17 or v18 or both. Choose the appropriate software for your organization’s needs.

Once the plugin software installation is complete, close the installer and then run SAP2000. When you are running the software, you will find the Konstru plugin in the “Tools” menu. Click “Tools”, and then “Konstru” from the plugin. A new dialog will open, allowing you to upload your analysis to Konstru or download a model from Konstru into SAP2000.

The video below offers step by step instructions on how to download and install the SAP2000 plugin for Konstru.


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