Konstru Plugin: Features Release 1.7.4

Posted on 6 September 2017 by Alan Carr

Thanks for all of your feedback and feature requests! There have been multiple requests and we’ve fixed a lot of issues you’ve been reporting.

New in Konstru:

Revit: We are now up- and downloading slab shape point configurations of floors. So you can up and download sloped floors using Konstru.

UI: Konstru is now showing you a warning if your local version is outdated. So you know about possible conflicts.

Notifier: We released the Konstru Notifier, a tray application notifying you about model changes. You’ll receive messages if someone uploaded a new version to your model for example.

ETABS & SAP2000: From now on Konstru supports uploading gridlines from Etabs and SAP2000

You can find all of the Konstru plugin release notes here.


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