Konstru Webapp Release Notes v3.1.5

Posted on 2 February 2018 by Thornton Tomasetti

Konstru’s Latest Webapp Release – Feb 2, 2018

We are pleased to announce the new additions and fixes to the Konstru Webapp Release v3.1.5. If you have any questions, comments, or support requests you can send them here.


Adds user preference settings to your user profile. We now store your preferences for units, colors etc in our DB.

Adds the ability to change the display length units (m,cm,m,in,ft)

Adds the ability to change the viewer background.

Improves the legend that is used to color the model when in ‘Repair Model’.

Other Additions:

  • Adds a tape measure tool to measure the distance between two points.
  • Provides the option to show/ hide grid names as tags in the 3D model.


  • Fixes issues with credit card payment settings (Stripe) for some users.
  • Includes Load Combos and Load Cases in default Filters.
  • No longer renders all of the unused WorkPoints in the model repair views.
  • Improved element coloring.

As always, thanks for using Konstru!

– The Konstru Team



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