Three Takeaways from BuiltWorlds Summit 2017

Posted on 9 May 2017 by Thornton Tomasetti

BuiltWorlds Summit 2017 - Chicago

BuiltWorlds Summit 2017

Chicago was beautiful and BuiltWorlds Summit 2017 was packed and informative! Konstru CEO K.P. Reddy and I attended the event last week in Chicago and came away very confident in the future of #BuiltTech for a lot of great reasons. From BuiltWorlds Summit 2017, here are the three main considerations for those who are building, investing, or deploying BuiltTech solutions.

  • The Venture Capital community is onto BuiltTech: Friday morning’s panel on Venture Investing featured four well known VCs: Kiddar Capital, Ekistic Ventures, Moderne Ventures, and Borealis Ventures.
  • The Cloud is here, and we’re all getting on board: From Stan Peppers‘ opening remarks on Wednesday evening to Tom Scarangello’s closing Keynote, every speaker and panel made it clear that the built environment can no longer remain on the local network or desktop computer. Collaboration and mobility is simply too important.
  • The Old Guard is leading the BuiltTech charge: the established leadership in the AEC space is taking a strong position on technology: adapt! How? Learn how to attract millennial talent. Push legal departments to understand the need to share BIM data. Design using data.

BuiltTech Is Back

If there were ever a time to get into BuiltTech, it’s now. The market has not only recovered from 2008, but has rebuilt and redefined itself using tech and data. A new generation of technology savvy leaders are driving technological design, infrastructure, and innovation like never before. The pent up demand for using technology in this market is exploding. We’re finally seeing BIM used to its potential.


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