Konstru Updates: Release Notes for July 10 2017

Posted on 10 July 2017 by Thornton Tomasetti

Last week, we released a truck load of updates to the Konstru app. We added some pretty big updates, tweaked and refined a lot of things, and also made some changes that you might not even see, but are sure to make your Konstru experience better.

Major Updates to the Konstru App and Integrations

  • SAP2000 v19: Because our users requested it, Konstru now supports SAP2000 version 19!
  • Dynamo: Konstru users can now create or modify elements in Dynamo and upload them to Konstru.
  • Global Revit Family Support: Until now, Konstru searched only for default US Templates and Families. Now Konstru utilizes a set of default families and templates which you can easily replace with your preferred Revit defaults.
  • Model-renderer: We fixed some previous bugs and added new elements to the model renderer. For example, Konstru now renders Point, Linear and Area loads, as shown in the image below.

Konstru Updates: Load Modeling

  • Change Report: Save a Comparison status as a change report and easily share the report with others on your team. (Announced last week)
  • Merge Models: You can now merge one model into another model. You also have the option to choose to select only certain element properties from one model to the other, e.g., “Update Model A with profile sections of Model B only”.

Refinements (just little tweaks to make your experience better)

We refined:

  • Model permissions: You can now add collaborators directly to you models without going through orgs
  • Version settings
  • Billing
  • Onboarding sign up
  • Model settings
  • Organization: Users can now change the owner of an organization with proper permissions.

Other good but not as noticeable updates

  • Updated image property of the stored models
  • Improved renaming a model and updating a model image so now there is no need to refresh browser to see the changes.
  • Updated emails sent to invite collaborators and to share models.
  • Cloning models with images
  • Improved initialization with branding – now you’ll see a nice looking Konstru screen instead of the old boring “Loading” icons.
  • Updated the desktop installer to provide instructions for where to find help
  • Updated user roles

Thank you for your support, input, and feedback! As our customers and users, your needs drive our product roadmap towards becoming the BIM platform of choice for engineers, architects, and contractors to store, share, and collaborate on every BIM project. If you’re not yet using Konstru, your organization’s first two users are always free.


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