Your Konstru models just got a whole lot prettier!

Posted on 4 December 2017 by Thornton Tomasetti

On Friday, December 1st, we rolled out version 3.1.2 of the Konstru Web App. As always, this bi-weekly release is jam-packed with new features and improvements, based on the feedback of our users. Here are the highlights of last week’s release:

We added a way to visualize Konstru models based on custom element attributes.

With this feature, you can now paint the model in colors that reflect the presence, and the value, of any arbitrary element attribute that your models have. In the image above, we colored the model based on analysis results (Shear Forces) coming out of SAP 2000. You can read more about this Feature in the Konstru Documentation.

This will help you figure out what is present in the model, and what is missing from it. Do you need a quick view, and count, of which elements have a ‘Comment’ Attribute? Konstru can help you find these.

Meet our new User Forum

As of Friday, Konstru also features a brand new User Forum. Now it is your turn to help populate it with questions and answers.

What else is new?

Other Feature Additions and Bug Fixes include:

  • New Merge Selection Settings
  • New Repair Selection Settings
  • New ‘View By’ Attribute Feature to color models by custom element attributes
  • News Konstru Community Forum with SSO
  • Adds ability to open multiple Konstru Models in multiple browser tabs
  • Improves Coloring By Rotation
  • Improves Web App Notifications
  • Fixes Bug with Model Creation while in Free Plan
  • Fixes Model Repair UI coloring logic
  • Improves Auto-Screenshot Feature

As always, thanks for using Konstru! For more info on the latest releases, read our release notes and you can get started with a 14-Day Free Trial of Konstru by signing up today!


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